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Dan Mutz Takes on the ITI 350 on Wren!

Wren Forks Make Headlines! Thank You Wren Riders!

​We couldn't be happier. Our first independent articles on the Wren suspension fork have hit print and we want to share them with you, the riders and builders who helped make this possible. We know investing in a new product without much history is like finally taking that big drop you've been riding around. But YOU did it, YOU started the buzz and others took notice. The articles are linked below. Thank you to our factory for listening and building a great product! And thank YOU for taking that leap!

New Wren Floor Pumps Are In!

​The Wren Boost floor pump is the perfect pump for both high volume and high pressure situations. Check them out here.




New Wren Hi-Rise Carbon Handlebar

​You asked for it, so here it is! Our new hi-rise carbon bar. Hand laid from the same great aircraft-grade carbon as all of our carbon components. Weighs only 232 grams at 840mm wide with a 42mm rise! Nothing looks better sitting on a Wren fork than a Wren handlebar. Check them out here.

Are You Riding Wren?
​If not, you should be! If you are, send us a pic and some info about where and what you ride. We'll post it in our Rogues Gallery  for all to see. Doesn't have to be just forks, we would love to see any and all of our components on your bike! And no, you won't be receiving lifetime residuals for sending us your pics.

After completing his initial Iditarod Trail Invitational 130 last year, Dan Mutz is back on his Wren equipped Foes Mutz to tackle the ITI350. Already on the trail, Dan is again riding the only full suspension bike to race the ITI. Conditions are once again coooooold, but Dan loves it that way. As owner of Likin' Bikin' in New Hampshire, Dan is in his element when there is plenty of snow on the ground.

You can follow Dan's progress live here and get general info and photos of the ITI here.

​Good luck, have fun and stay safe, Dan! 

Both 6° and 17° are now in!

The new Wren Super Lightweight Alloy Stems. Lighter and stronger than carbon at a fraction of the cost! In hard to find short lengths. Check 'em out!

Wren Fork Dyno Tested!

​One of the great things about working with bikes is you run into the most interesting people. Riders who are into their gear and love to tinker. So when we received an inquiry from Jonathon Boughner out of Michigan, we answered his questions, took his order and hoped to count Jon as one of our many satisfied customers. Little did we know what was coming next... "Just letting you know that the fork spent the entire day yesterday on the dyno getting some numbers. Overall, very impressed with the fork. I'll be putting together a report for you guys in the next couple of weeks. I have a lot of data to go through," emailed Jon. Seriously?! How cool is that?! Turns out Jon's family owns Boughner Racing and knows suspension. And here is Jon's report. Thanks, Jon and Boughner Racing!

The Wren Road and MTB frame pumps. The newest additions to the Wren lineup. Patented MiX head makes things easy. Check them out here!

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