Thanks for clicking through to our site. It ain’t pretty, but it’s ours.
        Wren Sports is a new company focused on making your ride a lot more fun. Having worked for Shimano, Cannondale, Bell and others, we have learned from the best. We also know which factories build quality products and which don’t.
        So… we’re talking about starting our own company and where we should begin. Fatbikes seemed like a natural fit. They’re cool, fun to ride and the big guys weren’t paying much attention yet. We visited the factories we wanted to work with and told them our plans and they said let’s go!
        The products you see here are the result of that collaboration. Most are for Fatbikes, some you’ve seen before, but now they are a whole lot better, and some are truly innovative. And more is coming. We hope you will take the time to look around. Also, please stay in touch. We are always on the lookout for good stories, pics and new places to ride.
        Finally, to thank you for your time, please use the code FATBIKE15 at checkout, should you decide to buy, and take 15% off your order. Remember to check back as we will be adding more new Fatbike items over the next few months.
        Ride hard. Be safe. Have fun!