FOES Racing Specs New Wren 150 Hub / 150 Travel Fork
Vallejo, CA — November 17, 2015 - ​At the recent Interbike Show in September, Paul Sylvester and the Crew from FOES Racing stopped by the Wren booth to check out the Wren suspension forks. They were unhappy with the performance of their current fork and had heard a few people talking up our fork. After going over the features and specs for our fork they asked if we could build a 150mm hub, 150mm travel fork. The answer was... ABSOLUTELY! Fast forward to a few weeks ago and FOES received their new Wren fork - 150mm hub, 160mm travel stepped down to 150mm.  Couldn't wait to get it on the trail and here is what they had to say...

​"I've pretty much got the fork dialed in I think. Looks like I can use a little under 50psi of air in it. Real plush. I'm taking it to Palm Canyon tomorrow which is real harsh rough desert for 26 miles. Some real narly rough rocky riding."

Congratulations to all the CA State Fatbike Champs!

XC Podium: Xandei Tena, Owen Tena and Fren Chy

Will Ross and 9:ZERO:7 Factory Team Ride Wren

Alaskans know a thing or two about riding in snow and Will Ross is no exception. So far in 2016, Will has won the Fat Bike Birkie (repeat Champ), White Mountains 100, Frosty Bottom 50 and the Icy River Rampage, while finishing second in the Arrowhead Ultra 135. Will is the lead rider for the 9:ZERO:7 Factory Team and loves his fatbike. “Bikes have been a major part of my life since I was 4. My dad took me out on single track as soon as I got my training wheels taken off and that's when my passion for bikes began. At 19, I rode my first 9:ZERO:7 fatbike and I’ve been riding 9:ZERO:7 fatbikes ever since!"
“We are very excited to have Will, Jamey and the 9:ZERO:7 Factory Team riding Wren,” said Kevin Wren. “9:ZERO:7 is now offering Wren options for their bikes and when Will saw the products, he jumped at the chance to ride them.” The Team will be riding the Wren carbon cockpits including the new Wren lightweight alloy stem to finish out the winter season and looking forward to getting on the Wren suspension fork come spring.
"To race for hundreds of miles, you need to be meticulous about your equipment, otherwise you have hundreds of miles to be frustrated with your equipment,” said Will Ross. “That's how the 9:ZERO:7 Factory Team was created, the best fat bike racers wanting to be on the best bike. And now that we have partnered with Wren Sports, we know we're riding the best!"


Theo de Rooij Selects Wren Carbon Fork
Vallejo, CA — September 28, 2015 - ​While attending this year's Interbike show in Las Vegas, Theo de Rooij had a personal goal in mind - find a quality carbon fork for his new build waiting back home in the Netherlands. After checking out the various manufacturers, Theo chose Wren.

Theo de Rooij is a retired Dutch bicycle racer and former manager of the Rabobank cycling team. De Rooij rode professionally from 1980 to 1990. He started his career with Belgian teams and the last eight years of his career he served teams managed by Peter Post. Theo de Rooij's farewell to the Rabobank Cycling teams came with a remarkable roll of honor. It took De Rooij only twelve years to produce: 6 World Championships, 81 national championships, 10 World Cup Classics victories and 27 stage victories in the three Grand Tours - Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a Espana. In total, Theo de Rooij was involved in no less than 1738 victories of the Rabobank Cycling teams.

Theo knows bikes. We were thrilled when he selected our WFKM500 Rigid carbon fork for his new TDR. Even more thrilled when we received the photos you see here of the finished build. Thanks, Theo! Enjoy the ride!

Additional brands under the Wren banner are Fishbone Freestyle and Laterelle Comfort Seats.

Wren Sports Opens Southeast Service Center with MTB Tandems
Vallejo, CA — September 2, 2015 - Wren Sports now has as second regional service center in the U.S. as the company begins work with Alex Nutt and MTB Tandems to provide warranty and service work on all Wren suspension products.

"We started working with Alex when he began to use and sell our Fat Bike Suspension Fork," said company founder Kevin Wren. "MTB Tandems customers put our forks through extreme loads and Alex is very selective about the products he chooses. We are delighted to have MTB Tandems as a customer, brand advocate and now partner in our growing network of service centers."
MTB Tandems is located in Woodstock, Ga., and specializes in retailing tandem mountain bikes, parts and accessories. Alex Nutt, the owner at MTB Tandems said, "We've built and sold a few tandems now with the Wren fork and it's doing great. We are excited to become the authorized service center for Wren Suspension products, but I honestly think we won't see much repair or warranty work."
MTB Tandems is at 221 Rope Mill Parkway, Suite 2, Woodstock, GA 30188.  They can be reached at (678) 445-0711.

​​ Additional brands under the Wren banner are Fishbone Freestyle and Laterelle Comfort Seats.

Press Release

FOES Racing and Wren Win at

California Fatbike State Championships

Running Springs, CA — December 12, 2015 - It was a cold, windy day up on the mountain, but that didn't slow the FOES Team as they won almost every class they entered on their Wren equipped FOES Fatbikes. Took a while to get up to Rim Nordic Ski Area as CalTrans had chain controls up, but we made it.

First event of the day was the XC race contested over Rim Nordic's ski trails that had been groomed that morning for the event. Two laps about 7 miles each. Our Team results:

​Men, 18 and under: Keanu Smith, 2nd

Men, 30-39: Owen Tena, 1st

Men, 40-49: Xandei Tena, 1st

                        Fren Chy, 2nd

Next event was the Downhill race about 1 mile long  and a very fast course. Each rider runs 2 laps and the times are combined. Because our team competed in the XC race and needed a little breather, only one team member had time for a downhill practice run. But that didn't faze the FOES Crew! Our Team results:

Men, 18 and under: Keanu Smith, 1st
Men, 30-39: Owen Tena, 1st
Men, 40-49: Xandei Tena, 1st
                        Fren Chy, 2nd

Special thanks to Brent Foes of FOES Racing and Xavier Lassalle of Crazy Bear Bikes for providing support and transportation. And, of course, thank you to the entire FOES Racing Team for making the trip and having the confidence to run Wren forks and WIN!!

Kozo Shimano

Downhill Podium: Owen Tena, Xandei Tena
 and Fren Chy

Downhill Podium: Myrie Metzger, Keanu Smith and Ryan Jastrab

Kozo Shimano Invests in Wren Sports
Vallejo, CA - May 27, 2015 - Kevin Wren announced today that Kozo Shimano has joined Wren Sports as an investor.

“I am thrilled to have Kozo come on board as an investor in Wren Sports,” said Kevin Wren. “Getting Kozo involved provides additional structure and experience as we build the business. I began my career in the bike business 35 years ago with Shimano and things seem to have come full circle.”

“I’m very happy to be involved with Kevin and to assist in any way I can to grow the business,” said Kozo Shimano. “I see a lot of potential in Kevin’s business plan and I know it will be fun working with him again. I've known Kevin for over 35 years. He was one of my first mentors in the bicycle business. He was also instrumental in the success of OEM sales for Shimano American in the 1980's. I believe in Kevin's work ethic, and see success in his future.”

Mr. Shimano holds an engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University and was president of Shimano American Corporation. After Kozo's departure from Shimano, he started 2 companies: Kozo Design, Inc. and KozoGear, LLC to develop and market sporting goods. His current project is supplying top, professional ice hockey teams with protective, cut-resistant clothing.

Wren Sports provides world-class cycling components to IBD’s. The current line, focused on the Fatbike and MTB markets, includes Fat and MTB suspension forks, high end carbon components and a new Ceramic-Aluminum Composite rotor still in testing. Additional brands under the Wren banner are
Fishbone Freestyle and Laterelle Comfort Seats.

"At Palm, I got the Wren down to 45psi pressure in the fork and it feels great. Xavier, who weighs 240+, rode the Wren when I rode the Fox. He started out with 80psi I think. He wasn't dazzled with the fork at first but as he let air out the bike all of a sudden came alive. He previously hated rock gardens. Now he is riding through them without fear. He is down to 50 psi on the fork without bottoming. If you have a look at the video of him coming over the rock notice the orange zip tie just above the stanchion guard. With the tire wrinkling under the pressure, he is using about 120mm of travel. By contrast the photo of the Specialized Enduro with a 180mm travel fork and a 140lb rider has used probably 150-160mm of travel and the 3" tire he is running is absorbing very little."
"I'll be riding Bonelli Park tomorrow night. Xavier still has the Wren on his bike. Bonelli is quite rough so it will be a good test of the fork.  I can tell a slight difference in the geometry the Wren makes but nothing negative. The Wren does make the bike look more massive and more downhillish. I think lots of people like the idea the Wren will raise the bottom bracket a bit. So far my Pros on the Wren are: can use any size tire, uses the same hub as Bluto,  changed the geometry possibly for the better, feels smooth, allowed a 100lb spring reduction in the rear shock and makes the bike way better than with the Bluto."